Skeletons FROM the closet

Love is a powerful thing. It can bring us joy and make us do wonderful things, but it can also tear you up inside to lose the one you love. Even worse when it happens before your eyes and you're unable to save them. Especially when you are not strong enough to end their suffering and put them rest, so you

The feelings of shame can be a heavy weight on a person's soul. A soul that seems to see images of your lost love in the dark of night

and allows their image to haunt you in your dreams.

The PCs have come to visit an acquaintance, Eralaru, who seems to be acting strange and extra distant recently. He has been staying at the Midway Inn, a small Inn along the Shontek River. However, before they are able to figure out what is wrong with their friend, he is kidnapped by a strange group of

Sharra Final.png


Can the PCs discover where Eralaru was taken and pull off a daring rescue or will he and
possibly they be claimed by the notorious haunted land of the Kormine Woods?


Skeletons from the Closet is an adventure for 5th level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. It is a twisted story of love, anger, and undead.


the house of wind and tears (coming soon)


The day has finally come when you receive your acceptance letter for the prestigious dojo, The House of Wind and Leaves. You are given the opportunity to train under the legendary Grand Master Jarvus Yovin. You must travel to the school, atop the Tungir Mountains and climb the thousand steps to begin your training.

However, a dark cloud seems to hang over the establishment. Soon, fellow students begin to go missing and the PCs become stuck in something much larger than them.

The House of Wind and Tears is a story of the unending cycle of revenge designed for 1st lvl characters.